Mission City FCU seeks passionate, committed, and qualified volunteers for its board of directors and supervisory committee

Becoming a Volunteer
Volunteering to serve on your credit union’s Supervisory Committee or Board of Directors can be an extremely rewarding experience. You will represent your fellow credit union members as well as share your valuable knowledge to benefit our membership. Any member in good standing age 18 years of age or older may apply for a vacancy. The Mission City Federal Credit Union Nominating Committee reviews all nominees for a vacancy and selects the individual(s) who possess the skills and experience necessary for the open position.

Meetings & Term Duration
Each group of volunteers, Supervisory Committee, and Board of Directors meet separately either semi-monthly or monthly. There are times, however, when special meetings are necessary and can be called during the day or evening. The meetings are extremely important and must be given a high priority to attend and participate in discussions regarding the information you need to make decisions on behalf of our membership.

Both Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors positions are elected to a three (3) year term and may run for re-election.

The credit union seeks input from members who come from a diverse range of experience and educational backgrounds to comprise its board of directors. As such, there are no minimum experience or educational requirements to apply for a volunteer position at Mission City Federal Credit Union.

As a volunteer for the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee, you represent the Mission City FCU membership, so because of that, you are required to be a member at the time of your application.

What Makes a Good Credit Union Volunteer?
Volunteers must maintain a balanced focus on serving member needs while preserving the financial strength of the credit union. Below are some important factors to consider before becoming a credit union volunteer:

  • Have the ability and flexibility to attend afternoon meetings
  • Prepare for and attend regular and special meetings as scheduled
  • Be committed to attending educational programs and an annual planning session offered by the credit union
  • Seek to learn more about the credit union movement and financial services
  • Act as an ambassador and share the needs of our membership and environmental changes that may help or affect the credit union
  • Demonstrate leadership or transferrable business experience
  • Have a satisfactory credit and reference check

Okay, I’m Interested! How Do I Volunteer?
Complete the form below, or print and complete this form, and we will contact you with further instructions:

If related to anyone in our staff or currently serving as a volunteer at MCFCU, state their name(s) and relationship(s)

Potential Volunteer Areas of Involvement:

  • Supervisory Committee
  • Board of Directors

Which group/committee are you most interested in serving on as a volunteer?

The time requirements for the above volunteer areas range from 3-5 hours per month for Directors and 2-4 hours per month for Supervisory Committee members. Other volunteer opportunities requiring less time may arise on an ad hoc basis.

State why you would like to serve as a Mission City FCU volunteer and briefly describe the value you believe you would bring to the credit union (feel free to attach additional information):

Briefly describe your previous work-related, volunteer and governance experiences which would qualify you as a volunteer for Mission City FCU (feel free to attach additional information):

Volunteers of Mission City FCU pledge to adhere to the Conflict of Interest/Code of Conduct and policies and guidelines adopted by the Board of Directors. Article 1785, section 205(d) of the Federal Credit Union Act states act "any person who has been convicted of any criminal offense involving dishonesty of a breach of trust may not participate, directly or indirectly, in any manner in the conduct of the affairs of an insured credit union" and are therefore prohibited from performing volunteer duties at Mission City FCU.

Please read the following carefully Volunteer Certification: I certify that the facts stated above in the Volunteer Application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. You have my permission to contact those listed as references, employers and supervisors, schools, and persons to release information to Mission City FCU or to person(s) designated by them, and agree that there shall be no liability for issuing such information.

I authorize the Credit Union to obtain credit reports, criminal reports, and bondability checks in connection with this application. If I request it, the Credit Union will divulge the name and address of any credit bureau from which it received a credit report.

I understand that, by registering with Mission City FCU, I am under no obligation to accept a volunteer assignment.

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