How We’re Different and Better than a Bank

Mission City Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution.

We don’t profit from the money you deposit.

It’s a wiser decision to put your hard earned dollars in a credit union instead of a bank. When you deposit your money at Mission City FCU, we don’t try to figure out ways to divert it to stock holders. We actually don’t have stock holders. Conversely, we believe that your deposits are just that — yours.

Wait a second, not everything’s free at Mission City FCU

It’s true, some of our services cost money. But here’s what happens when you pay for a service: every single dollar we make is reinvested in to the credit union — which really means you, the member.

How do members see this reinvestment?

In the spirit of “people helping people” — any income earned enables the credit union to offer competitively lower loan rates, higher returns on deposits, and a host of additional benefits and perks.

The difference between us and banks is even evident in our vocabulary

They say customer.
We say member.
They say profit.
We say not-for-profit.
They say customer service.
We say personal relationships.
They say, let’s route our calls to a call center in some remote corner of the world to cut costs.
We say, let’s give our members a direct line to our in-house tellers because, these days, sharing personal financial information overseas is risky.

What do you say?

Ready to join a financial institution that actually has your best interests at heart?

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Debit Card Lost/Stolen Hotline: (800) 472-3272

Visa Credit Card Lost/Stolen Hotline: (800) 325-3678

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